Christina Miller, LE, Esthetician at University of Maryland Medical Spa, offers tips for maintaining healthy skin while working out.

What should people do for their skin prior to working out?

Use removable makeup pads, or, if you can, wash your face prior to exercise. When you work out, your pores are more open due to an increase in body temperature. By cleansing your face beforehand, your pores are less likely to trap makeup, bacteria, germs, etc.

What can happen to the skin after exposure to sweat and environmental factors?

Pollution can cause more free-radicals in your skin which results in cellular damage, causing build up of the skin.

How should you care for your skin during and after a workout?

If you're outside sweating, tap your face dry instead of wiping, reapply sunscreen during exercise, and then wash your face immediately following your workout.

Do you recommend a daily skin care routine for athletes?

There isn't a special routine I would recommend for athletes vs. non-athletes. However if you're more active, I suggest using only a sweat-proof sunscreen and a cleanser. You don't want too much on your skin before a workout because it will cause you to want to wipe your skin more, product can run into your eyes while sweating, and it can cause burning.

Are there any specific medi spa services that would best benefit athletes?

Facials to clear out your pores every 4 to 6 weeks, light peels and microdermabrasion. Laser hair removal is also good, as it helps with ingrown hairs and stops bacteria from entering your pores after shaving, thus preventing acne. I do not suggest having deeper peels if you are very active, because you'd have to limit activity for two weeks while your skin heals.

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