FPI and the University of Maryland Faculty Practices are operating at normal business hours. 

Thank you.

Inclement Weather Information

The following is important information to note regarding inclement weather announcements at University of Maryland Faculty Physicians, Inc. (FPI):

  • FPI will make a decision regarding the closing/liberal leave announcements affecting FPI practices independent of decisions made by other campus entities. FPI will not follow the inclement weather decisions of the University of Maryland Baltimore (UMB).

  • The Executive Leadership Team of FPI will make any necessary inclement weather decisions by 6 am that affect the opening of business. When possible, information will be available no later than 6:15 am.

  • If an inclement weather decision is made that results in an early dismissal, an email notification will be sent.

  • FPI Human Resources will be utilizing an automated email/texting system to alert Clinical Administrators and Supervisors of inclement weather conditions affecting FPI. Supervisors are expected to have "up to date" cell phone information in myFPI.  It is the responsibility of the supervisors to notify their employees in the department of the inclement weather announcement.

  • Inclement weather information will be posted here at, as well as the main Human Resources phone line: 667-214-1212.

  • In the event that FPI closes due to inclement weather, staff must use available accrued leave (vacation, personal, sick); company paid leave is not to be used unless authorized by the Dean of the School of Medicine and/or Chief Corporate Officer.

Action Items

Please review FPI's inclement weather policy and communicate this information to staff. Be sure to stress that FPI does not follow the inclement weather decisions of UMB and other campus entities.

  • Delegate each of your FPI employees as "essential" or "non-essential" staff for purposes of this policy. If your department is considered "open for business" during any type of inclement weather event, it is important to designate those employees who are expected to report to work despite weather conditions as "essential employees". Employees must be immediately notified of this designation and what his/her responsibilities are during an inclement weather event.
  • Identify back-up personnel and procedures in the event that an employee is unable to report to work during an inclement weather event.
  • Create a "phone tree" in your department so that inclement weather information can be communicated effectively during a qualified event.
  • Establish a procedure for contacting patients in the event of a closure.

If there are any questions or concerns, please contact Freda Johnson at 667-214-1095 or [email protected]